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Alan Salt


     Alan Salt is a Substance Abuse Nurse Practitioner who lives in a postcard town in Western Massachusetts.  Walking the same streets as Melville and Wharton; eating burgers at a diner immortalized by Norman Rockwell.  It can be easy for a new Author to feel outclassed.  Did any of those writers have an elf as a main character?!  

     A veteran of many story telling competitions.  A permanent dungeon master.  A frequent shredder of almost finished novels. A mistruster of semi-colons.  Alan is geeked to be publishing a book. He would like to request that the internet be nice to him.

     Alan loves his domestic partner, his cats, his faux fur coats, his mom, and his Shakespeare Festival.  Don't do Heroin!


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Bees at Work

Amazon Reviews

Bees at Work

Five Stars

I warmed to this story like a cup of hot cocoa. Quirky band of creatures does a recon mission in the land of oversized fuzzy honey bees. The characters' depth builds as their background stories weave through the present day action. Salt has created a fantastical world made vivid in the reader's mind. Looking forward to book 2--

Five Stars

Fantasy with nuance and an excellent sense of humor! I love that the characters are well developed, diverse, and relatable, including strong women and nonbinary folks. While it's set in a fanciful, high-fantasy world, the challenges the characters face feel relevant to my life and experience. It isn't just another "good vs evil" story arc, but more of a mystery investigation, touching on themes that feel current and relevant.

Five Stars

A fast-paced story that pulls you in from the beginning
This is a terrific read. I enjoyed the characters and their relationships with one another. But the gold of this story (no, it’s not the honey) is the action. It is non-stop. Adventures, battles, heart-stopping drama. It’s all there to soak up. Looking forward to the next book in the series.