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Alan Salt is a witty writer with a sardonic spell to him, and he delivers an irreverent spin on fantasy with The Tainted Hive: Book One: The Cobblestone Druid. Certainly, this book would stand as won

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Bees at Work

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Bees at Work

Five Stars

I warmed to this story like a cup of hot cocoa. Quirky band of creatures does a recon mission in the land of oversized fuzzy honey bees. The characters' depth builds as their background stories weave through the present day action. Salt has created a fantastical world made vivid in the reader's mind. Looking forward to book 2--

Five Stars

Fantasy with nuance and an excellent sense of humor! I love that the characters are well developed, diverse, and relatable, including strong women and nonbinary folks. While it's set in a fanciful, high-fantasy world, the challenges the characters face feel relevant to my life and experience. It isn't just another "good vs evil" story arc, but more of a mystery investigation, touching on themes that feel current and relevant.

Five Stars

A fast-paced story that pulls you in from the beginning
This is a terrific read. I enjoyed the characters and their relationships with one another. But the gold of this story (no, it’s not the honey) is the action. It is non-stop. Adventures, battles, heart-stopping drama. It’s all there to soak up. Looking forward to the next book in the series.