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Alan Salt is a witty writer with a sardonic spell to him, and he delivers an irreverent spin on fantasy with The Tainted Hive: Book One: The Cobblestone Druid. Certainly, this book would stand as wonderful fantasy on its own, for the world that Salt has crafted is lively and lived-in. But the humor that is draped around the town of Pawkett is sure to stick with readers, and compel them to tear through the story in record time. Salt also benefits from developing characters that readers enjoy following about, as seeing them in their quirky scenarios is sure to delight.

Salt creates a vibrant world that you won’t soon want to leave, and before you’re done thumbing through the pages of this tale, you’ll be eager for the next. Its magic and whimsy has true staying power, and we can only hope that Salt is hard at work on the sequel. If you’re looking for a lighthearted fantasy with a touch of darker humor, this is the book for you. Check out The Tainted Hive: Book One: The Cobblestone Druid on Amazon today!

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Bees at Work

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Bees at Work

Five Stars

I warmed to this story like a cup of hot cocoa. Quirky band of creatures does a recon mission in the land of oversized fuzzy honey bees. The characters' depth builds as their background stories weave through the present day action. Salt has created a fantastical world made vivid in the reader's mind. Looking forward to book 2--

Five Stars

Fantasy with nuance and an excellent sense of humor! I love that the characters are well developed, diverse, and relatable, including strong women and nonbinary folks. While it's set in a fanciful, high-fantasy world, the challenges the characters face feel relevant to my life and experience. It isn't just another "good vs evil" story arc, but more of a mystery investigation, touching on themes that feel current and relevant.

Five Stars

A fast-paced story that pulls you in from the beginning
This is a terrific read. I enjoyed the characters and their relationships with one another. But the gold of this story (no, it’s not the honey) is the action. It is non-stop. Adventures, battles, heart-stopping drama. It’s all there to soak up. Looking forward to the next book in the series.